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Prepare your cash, credit cards, and mood! Stay tuned for the sizzling deals and save up to 90% with insane Black Friday Sale.


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We have prepared some unique deals for you. From clothes to shoewear and accessories, our prices will surely surprise you and your wallet!

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Besides great offers for clothes, shoewear, and accessories, there are other reasons to visit us this week.

Friendly Managers

We employ the best team of highly qualified and friendly managers and shop assistants.

14-day Money Back Guarantee

If you didn’t like any of our products, you can always return your money even after the sale is over.

Free Delivery

Our team also provides free and secure delivery of clothes and shoewear to any part of the world.

Huge Discounts on the top brands

We partner with a variety of widely known clothes and shoewear providers who are glad to give you a discount on their products.

Only 4 days
Day 1: Join our sale to buy Exclusive Sportswear

Black Friday Sale starts soon and its first day will be devoted to sportswear. It includes not only clothes by famous brands but also sportswear as well as exclusive offers available only at our store throughout the first day of the sale.

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Day 2: Casual Clothes and accessories

Looking for huge discounts on your favorite casual clothes? During the second day of our sale, you can get access to all kinds of everyday clothes sold at our store. You will also find great deals on accessories throughout day 2.

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Day 3: Update your Workwear Wardrobe

Our store has a great collection of workwear and the third day of Black Friday Sale will have an awesome variety of discounts on that type of clothes. Shop what you prefer without overpaying for your favorite brands!

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Day 4: More amazing offers on all Clothing

If you don’t have time to visit our sale during the first 3 days, then one bonus day of the best offers on clothes, accessories, and shoewear is just for you! Take advantage of all our specials and other great deals we offer.

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Only 4 days
  • 23 fr DAY One
  • 25 SA Day Two
  • 26 SU Day Three
  • 27 Mo Day Four
Black Friday Sale Highlights

In our gallery, we gather the best moments from our previous sales as well as photos of exclusive clothes.

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What is black friday?
The Day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This used to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season. In last few years, we have witnessed a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online.
No, they don’t. Our website is also available on mobile devices and that’s why our customers like to shop not only on desktops but also on smartphones and tablets. You can select any device you prefer to join Black Friday Sale.
Many retailers report some of their highest profits on Black Friday. The black portion of the name, "Black Friday" relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black. This tradition lives on in modern times.
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