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A few words about us

We are a small in-home breeding cattery located northwest in Maryland. Our kittens are raised underfoot, with lots of love and attention, and are also well-socialized. We are dedicated to producing healthy kittens with happy personalities. We provide a written health guarantee. Our cats produce kittens in the traditional solid point colors (seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac) of different breeds. The cats and kittens we offer are adorable ones that love their families and get along well with other pets.

Our cat-breeding activity started after we went to our first CFA cat show in Pikesville, MD back in March 2010 looking to see if we could find a cat that could be a companion for Vito, our Ragamuffin Cat. We used to breed and show Yorkies and other popular cat breeds long before 2010, and Vito was always around them. We think that our appearance at that show gave us the confidence in what our cattery should do, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.


Breeder’s Reputation and Business Practices

  • How many litters are raised by the breeder yearly?

    The number of kittens that a breeder is raising may impact upon its ability to properly socialize and care for each individual kitten. If there are too many litters then it is possible that the kittens are not being raised in the best environment.

  • How has the kitten been socialized?

    It is very important that the kitten has the opportunity to socialize with other cats and people from an early age. This is particularly important from 6 to 16 weeks of age. Without adequate socialization, the kitten may end up being nervous and insecure.

  • What cat association is the breeder registered with?

    Finding out which association the breeder and it’s blood lines are registered with is only important if you have made the decision to take your cat to cat shows. This is because the different cat associations have different standards and rules.

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